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cometrymykaijuparts asked: He didn't think he'd felt this hesitant since he was a teenager. It had been /way/ too long since he'd last been able to see Seamus - so long that he wasn't sure what the redhead's reaction would be to seeing him. Still, he had at least enough balls to follow through, so he approached with his hands in his pockets. "... Hey, kid."





Seamus jumped nearly a foot when Hannibal spoke, having not seen him approach. He was unhealthily thin, shadows in his eyes and hair oily and disheveled. The visible skin that nearly hung off him was marked with surgical scars, but he managed a small smile at Hannibal all the same. It shook though, eyes somewhere on his shoulder and clearly nervous of what Hannibal would think of him.
“Hey Hannibal. How you been?”

“‘Course you can,” Hannibal agreed. “We’ll head back, and I’ll make ya something light if you’re hungry.” He gave a little smile. “You better be prepared; I’m gonna spoil you rotten, farm-boy. …Can you walk the way, or should we drive?”

He smiled softly, scooting to curl himself around Hannibal’s waist.
"Can we drive? I promise I’ll pay you back Hannibal. Any way I can."

"No problem." With a glance and a tilt of his head, he sent Huang off to go fetch the car and driver. "…And don’t bother about that now. It can wait. Let’s get you comfortable and healin’ up first."

Huang returned to tell Hannibal the car was waiting out front, and Fang followed after them as the older man led Seamus carefully out to the sidewalk. Fang held the door open for them so Hannibal could help the redhead into the car.
Hannibal knocked thrice on the divider’s window, and the car set off through the cramped streets. Resting one arm around Seamus’s shoulders—sure they hadn’t been this thin and bony last time—he murmured, “…I really am, y’know. Sorry, that I couldn’t be there. I don’t really apologize, but…” He sighed; shit, he was awkward at this. “But I’ll do whatever it takes to get you back to health. That’s somethin’ you can trust me on.”

Seamus tensed visibly at the thought of getting into the vehicle, only relaxing again when they were inside and he was practically molded to Hannibal’s side. This close, the shaky shallow rasp of his breath vibrated through himself to Hannibal.
"It’s okay Hannibal. I’m used to it. You’re here now. It’s okay. And I /will/ make it up to you, someday. No matter how. At least with you, I’d enjoy it."

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lipstick-and-labcoats asked: -feels vaguely like his job is in danger????-






Send me your muse’s reaction to seeing mine dancing at a strip club.

*smirks at him and winks, continuing to dance* You look a little jealous, babe.

He hummed dozily, smiling broadly at the mark and settling in for snuggles in his arms.


He chuckled again, giving a fond squeeze to Seamus’ ass.

"I’m all yours, babe."

He gave a little kiss on the mark happily.

Grayson replied with a nip to Seamus’ neck.

"And you’re all mine."

"Mhm. All yours."
He seemed perfectly content to just remain there, fucked out and warm and safe. Much better than bruising his thin and weak form with men’s bruising hands as he worked for his rent.